“I used to get up every morning knowing there were three constants in my world: death, taxes, and my mediocre golf game. But then I met Bill Harm and now only death and taxes scare me. Since taking my first lesson with Bill during the fall of 2003, I have dropped 8 shots off my handicap and more importantly he has given me the confidence to play the best golf of my life! His teaching style is uniquely his own – he’s more of a friend and mentor to his students than just a teacher. He genuinely cares about not only a person’s golf game, but the person as well. He also has an innate way of making a student feel good about themselves even after he/she has just hit the worst shot of their life. Bill is extremely reassuring, focused, and energetic. Combine that with his amazing knowledge of the golf swing, and that’s why Bill Harm is one of the best teachers in the state…period! The only people I wouldn’t recommend Bill to: my match play opponents.”

Glen Turk - Senior Writer/Editor of Midwest Golfing Magazine

“I would strongly recommend Bill Harm to golfers of all abilities! Bill has a unique way of diagnosing a golfer’s swing flaws in a short amount of time and then is able to suggest drills and swing thoughts to quickly improve. His casual, fun manner makes men, women, boys, and girls feel comfortable from start to finish when taking a series of lessons with him. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Bill and thanks to him I do a better job of staying out of “Harm’s Way” on the course!”

Deb Patton - Midwest Golfing Magazine

My name is Emily, I have taken lessons from Mr. Harm all through high school, and because of his teaching I received a scholarship to play college golf.

Emily - College Golfer

I only played golf a couple times, now that i am retired I was looking to keep my self busy. A friend said let’s play golf. I said where do i start! He said take some lessons and recommended Bill Harm. Not only were the golf lessons incredible, but Bill recommended clubs and customized them to fit me.

Bill - Beginner Golfer

I lived in Wisconsin all my life and now retired all i do is play golf. One summer I came back from my Naples home and that’s when I met Mr. Harm a golf instructor at Storms driving range. I could not believe in one summer with bill i went back home and won the club championship.

Ken - Retired and Loving Golf